THEATRE CREDITS INCLUDE: Women (National Theatre of Kosovo, Directed by Nastazja Domaradska); Club Albania (National Theatre of Kosovo, Directed by Fatos Berisha); The Seagull [Apprentice] (Harold Pinter Theatre, Directed by Jamie Lloyd); Countess Maritza (Operetta Theatre), The Pianist of Sarajevo (Theatre Delicatessen, Directed by Hassun El Zafar); EMERGE (The Harold Pinter Theatre, Directed by Alessandra Davidson and Spiky Saul); GHBoy (Charing Cross Theatre, Directed by Jon Pashley); SWAY (Virtual Collaborators Festival, directed by Alessandra Davidson); Climate Emergency Events (The Royal Court Theatre, directed by Alessandra Davidson); Sing Yer Heart Out For The Lads (LCM Live, Directed by Paul Harvard).


FILM CREDITS INCLUDE: Liga Prvaka (2023 directed by Dzana Pinjo); Sign (2023 Directed by Erblin Nushi); The Piano Tuner (2023); Jackie (2023); Les Inconnues (2022 Directed by Arben Ivanaj); Love Story (2023 Directed by Mykel Salazaar); Don't Cry In front Of The Boys (2024); My Girl (2024); The Woods (2023 Directed by Mykel Salazar); Eufemier (2022 Directed by Johanna Lowenberg); Sunset (2022); Off Limits (2021 Directed by Megan Goran); In A Flash (2021 Directed by Jeffrey Podany); I Love You More (2022 Directed by Erblin Nushi); Quiet On Set (2022 Directed by Mikel Salazaar); Medusa (2022 Directed by Scott Jeffrey); River (2021 Directed by Emily Skye); Cherry Lane (2022 Directed by Emily Skye); Wells (2023 directed by ); The Actor (2021 Directed by Bernard Sisay);


TELEVISION CREDITS INCLUDE: Binders Stash (USA) (2021-2022)

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Label & Distribution



Film Jury 14th Edition





National Theatre Of Kosovo

Resident Composer

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"I see music as a way to 'paint time' with the expressions of wordless emotion.'

Rona Castrioti. British Born Kosovar of Greek-Italian & Albanian descent. Resides between London, Kosovo and Budapest. Modern Classical Composer. Personal works inspired by the Baroque, Romantic and Gothic era. Repped by renowned composer Peter Cavallo's Record Label - Modern Classical X.

Affiliated with The Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra and The National Theatre of Kosovo and will be composing the upcoming production of 'Club Albania', Directed by Fatos Berisha and showcasing in December 2022 Film Jury Member for In Competition Films at Pristina International Film Festival 14th Edition. Is under the mentorship of George Dennis and Jamie Lloyd at The Jamie Lloyd Company with shows The Seagull and A Doll's House starring Emilia Clarke and Jessican Chastain showcasing in 2022. Her West End Debut showcasing on the 4th September 2022 at The Harold Pinter Theatre on The Seagull Set.